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Three Ways to Make Your Water Recreation Unforgettable


There is nothing better than spending your holiday in open water and doing some exciting activities. If you have not tried this idea because you have been more of a land traveler than a water lover, you should consider these factors:

  1. tandem kayakLand recreational destinations are often overcrowded and bear the risk of lacking open space for relaxation and refreshing. Lakes and beaches, on the other hand, have less of those risks.
  2. Water recreation is more adventurous than a vacation on land. Everyone can afford to visit nearby camping sites and hiking trails, but only a few will dare to explore the water because not all of them can swim.
  3. Water vacation grants you more freedom. Unless you choose to scuba dive, snorkel, or free dive, there will be no special suits to wear, no mandatory footwears, and no big luggage to bring. In theory, you can visit a water tourism destination, and you can spend your whole time there wearing simple beach outfits.

By considering those three factors, you should have understood how perfect spending holiday in open water is. You should continue to read below to know how to make your water vacation unforgettable.

Cruising on a Yacht

sailing on a yachtSince the 20th century, luxurious entertainments and lifestyles have become more and more accessible to the mass. Having a voyage on a cruise ship used to be a vacation that only the wealthy ones could afford. Today, this kind of holiday is always open to travelers who have keen and sharp eyes.

For instance, if you want to experience the splendor and epic of sailing with a cruise ship, you can charter a personal yacht. First, you will get the benefit of affordable price because yachts are relatively smaller than a cruise ship. Second, you can travel through narrow water terrain, which a big cruise ship can’t sail to.

Moreover, chartering a yacht is not as expensive as you think. You can visit https://azzurracharters.com/ to learn about how affordable this typeof recreation is. The company’s boats can take up to 12 passengers in one trip, and they will bring you to enjoy the eastern coast of Spain.

Getting a License for Scuba Diving

Active people love to learn new skills during their holiday. And you would be better to imitate such behavior. If you have not made up your mind about what to do for your next water vacation, why don’t you try to get a license for scuba diving?

Here are the benefits:

  1. scuba divingScuba license can allow you to participate in noble volunteer programs, such as marine conservation and rescue team.
  2. Scuba diving allows you to train your body to withstand great obstacles. You will know how to control your breath better than before. And you will understand how to keep your mind stable even in the most arduous situation.
  3. Scuba diving will condition your mind and body to be accustomed to discipline. This activity requires strict obedience to the protocols. Otherwise, small mistakes can happen, and they can be fatal.

Moreover, the tests for scuba license are often conducted in tropical islands. You can add a new skill to your life while enjoying the warm climate and magnificent coastal views. Isn’t it an excellent idea for a holiday?


Kayaking is better than surfing because it requires all the muscles in your body to work cooperatively. This water sport suits you if you are fond of working out. You can get the views and atmosphere of the open water while you are rowing your kayak boat. You can even go to the parts where the water current is strong to get more challenge.

Besides, the best thing about kayaking is that you can do this activity with your partner. A tandem kayak can fit two people. Rowing the boat will be not only a physical exercise but also training for you and your partner to cooperate together.

Kayak can be used on the sea water, lake, and river. And investing on a kayak boat means limitless opportunities to explore open water with various terrains.…